GreenAnt is a company that aims to stimulate and spread the efficient use of energy.

We have developed innovative algorithms for energy management that are able to identify the individual consumption of each appliance plugged in.

All this information is displayed on an online dashboard, where users can check their real-time energy consumption.

We believe that energy efficiency is the cleanest, cheapest and most sustainable way to “generate” energy. For this reason, it is our mission to encourage consumption-aware habits, using information and knowledge to help promoting a sustainable lifestyle.



Empower people through knowledge in order to bring consciousness and efficiency to resource consumption.


To be the best tool to help people achieve more efficient lifestyle through knowledge.


Our algorithms and neural networks are inspired on the Weaver Ants, also known as Green Ants.

This species has a very interesting behavior, working collectively to efficiently build complex structures and their nests.

We believe that is possible to collectively  create better consumption habits that will be essential in order to comply with future energy demands.


During our first year, we took an important step to bring up our operations. We started a crowdfunding campaign at Benfeitoria.

Throughout this campaign we managed to collect enough resources to fund a pilot project of our solutions, in which our backers, spread all over Brazil, are going to be our first users.