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We have developed sophisticated algorithms, based on NIALM – “Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring“– technology. They enable us to identify the consumption of each appliance connected to the power network using a single measurement device, which can be a smart meter connected to the distribution board or the utilities’ billing smart meter.

This is possible due to every appliance’s own particular way of using power, like a power signature.

This way we can transform raw consumption data into detailed information about each appliance consumption.


Using machine learning algorithms, the software used in identify the appliance’s consumption can improve themselves, making the load disaggregation more accurate over time.

For this reason, the more users we have the more powerful our solutions become.


We’re offering a connected smart meter specially developed to match our online services, but many other smart meters can also be integrated to our platform.

The advantage in using GreenAnt’s smart meter is in its capacity to monitor the individual consumption of the many appliances connected to the power network, using only one point of measurement, which means that with only one device installed at the distribution board, it is possible to manage the energy consumption of each appliance in your house, office or commercial establishment.

Besides being very easy to install, GreenAnt’s smart meter is connected to your Wi-Fi network in order to send data to your online dashboard, which can accessed through your smartphone, tablet or computer.