Smart Energy Management

GreenAnt’s solutions will put an end to surprises on your energy bills

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Shed a light on your energy bill. Check the real-time power generation and consumption

How it Works


GreenAnt’s meter is installed directly on the main circuit breaker. It is completely non intrusive and is connected to the internet by WiFi.


Energy data is analysed by a set of custom made algorithms based on machine learning to extract the most useful information to guarantee an efficient management.


An online platform provides user an unique multi-level, real-time electricity management experience with insightful information visually available for everyone: from the CEO to the homeowner.


Intelligent use of intelligent technology, brilliantly implemented in innovative and differentiated algorithms. Extremely relevant in the context of rational energy consumption and environmental awareness. If the idea seems hard to figure out, just wait for your energy bill, the savings on your monthly expenses will clear things up.

Dado Sutter

Maker Hero, OHMS

In the context of accelerating impact and frequency of weather extremes that are hitting Brazil and rest of world so hard, GreenAnt is a Big Data Resource Efficiency Start-up posed to disrupt the traditional Utilities Business Models to create significant impact.

Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio

CEO, Planetary Skin Institute

The idea and the project are simple and ingenious, like all projects that aim for decentralized solutions for demand-side-management should be.

Alexandre Szklo

Professor, Energy Planning Program - COPPE - UFRJ

As soon as I’ve installed my energy meter, I discovered a malfunctioning air conditioner! Dispite turning it off, the outside compressor was still working all day long due to an installation error.
Thanks guys! Backing your project will pay off right on the first month =)

Victor Moura

GreenAnt's Beta-Tester, Crowdfunding Backer