Find out in real-time how to reduce energy consumption and eliminate waste


Tailor your energy consumption based on real information on your appliances energy usage


Understand your energy consumption and plan ahead to avoid surprises on energy bills


Develop consumption-aware habits and have a sustainable lifestyle


Are you tired of consuming energy blindly? Unveil your power usage with our easy-to-install smart-meter. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network and have access to accurate information on your daily energy usage habits.

No more surprises on energy bills

Keep track of your hourly energy consumption and avoid undesired surprises when your bill arrives.

Right here, Right now

Access GreenAnt’s Online Platform anywhere, from any device for real-time tracking your power consumption.

Automatic Energy Balances

All the information you need to make the correct decisions right into your email box. We send you weekly reports forecasting your energy bill.

Always Alert

“Who let the heater on all day?”
Never worry about that anymore with our custom triggered alerts whenever we detect any atypical behavior.

Measure your power generation as well

Our platform is easily integrated with your power generation systems (PV, wind, diesel etc.) allowing you to track data on how much power you are generating/using all in a single dashboard view.

Single-Appliance usage estimation

Powered by machine learning techniques, our sophisticated algorithms provide Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring, which allows us to estimate appliance-level power consumption.
Our data science team is constantly analyzing its results and improving this feature being eventually capable of providing high value insights on how we all consume energy.

Advanced Tools

Are you tech-savvy? So are we! Use our Advanced Dashboard to check physical quantities such as Power Factor, Active and Reactive Power Demand and several other information that will boost your energy management.

Data Export Tool

Download your measurement data so that you can plug it into your favourite BI tool.

Manage all your consumer units

We designed this feature especially for managers. Get an overview of all your consuming units. Customizable meter groups enable you to see a hierarchical view of their measurement data and compare them.

Energy Bill Calculation

All those different types of tariffs, taxes categories… we know your pain! Computing your energy bill is not as simples as it should be. With that in mind, we are doing this for you!
Our energy contract-managing tool provides a full breakdown of your expenses, all you have to do is to fill a one-time form, which you can easily update whenever anything changes on your contract. The math is on us!


Do you have your own energy-managing tool? No worries! Our RESTful API will provide all the information you need to feed it with data from our meters.