Monitor your real-time energy consumption.
The ultimate solution for Energy Traders, Consultants and ESCO's.
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Energy Efficiency

Take action with our intuitive tools that help you save a lot more energy.

Management and Control

Plan your energy usage routine based on real-time information.


Raise awareness on your energy usage's environmental impact to engage into a more sustainable routine.

Empower Consumers

Take control ofyour energy consumption by making analysis, creating reports and getting our recommendations for savings.

Reduce energy waste by understanding better how energy is used.

Find sources of waste and evaluate the potential for energy savings.
Check the results of energy efficiency actions and retrofits.
Analyze and compare indicators between different consumer units and benchmarks.
Scale, simulate, and adjust power contracts.
Cut off penalties charges on your energy bill.
Evaluate the potential refunds of undue tax charges.
Split the energy bill between different areas within the same consumer unit.
Identify equipment with maintenance needs.
Raise awareness and engage your team into reducing environmental impacts.
Manage your PPA client portfolio and offer GreenAnt's solutions under your energy trading company's brand.


GreenAnt's portfolio package solution.



GreenAnt's online platform provides real-time information and a variety of tools that make it easier to understand power usage profiles and spot energy waste.

Smart Meter

Desvende os detalhes do seu consumo elétrico com nosso medidor inteligente. Compacto e de simples instalação, basta conectá-lo à sua rede Wi-Fi para ter acesso a informações precisas sobre sua rotina de uso de energia.


Integre medidores de tarifação ao Kolony para acompanhar as mesmas medidas utilizadas pela distribuidora.

Siga em tempo real os dados utilizados na formulação da sua conta de luz.

Power Pipe

Se você é cliente do Mercado Livre de Energia, utilize nosso robô para consultar dados da CCEE automaticamente e visualizá-los no Dashboard.

Descubra seu consumo de energia a cada hora sem utilizar equipamentos de monitoramento adicionais.

Data Acquisition

Smart Meter

Unveil all details of your power consumption with our compact design and quick installation energy meter. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network to access precise information about your energy consumption patterns.


Bring data from utility’s power meter toour system to monitor same measurements used on your energy bill.

Power Pipe

Brazilian private energy market clients can use GreenAnt’s Power Pipe agent to import energy consumption data directly from Brazilian market operator’s platform, with no additional hardware.

GreenAnt Cloud

A high scalability data processing and storage repository. It’s integrated to GreenAnt’s solutions, that assembles big data processing, real-time analytics and machine learning to support you with information to practice a better energy management.


Our flexibleservice models are designed to meet with different energy management demands.
You can both purchase or rent GreenAnt’s meters to track energy use over time.


“GreenAnt provides high value digital energy management solutions with artificial intelligence algorithms. It is a benchmark for the modernization of Brazil’s energy sector and fundamental for an efficient energy management."

“Their concept and project are simple as the solutions that pursue decentralized demand side energy management should be.”

Alexandre Szklo
Professor, Programa de Planejamento Energético
Luiz Barroso
PSR Energy Consulting and Analytics

“GreenAnt’s solutions help us monitor in real-time our client’s energy usage. GreenAnt’s team is very receptive and they are always searching for opportunities to innovate.”

Ewerton Vital
Diretor de Gestão de Clientes
Celer Energia
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